About Us

Immerse yourself in educational excellence with our 25-year track record as a leader in language skills training and assessment.

Our secret? Highly qualified instructors and a methodology in which you will learn through practice.

What makes us stand out:

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  • A passionate professional team committed to helping you achieve your learning goals
  • Solid experience building bilingual leaders and enhancing global communication
  • Instructors who fuse specialized knowledge with innovative techniques
  • Dynamic classes and stimulating environment
  • Complete language immersion
Our English Programs


Discover a world of possibilities with our exciting English classes. Perfect for beginners and those aspiring to master the language.

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Our English classes are designed for those who are taking their first steps or wish to take their language skills to the next level. With our innovative approach, you will find the key to unlocking your linguistic potential and open the doors to new opportunities.

What we offer:

  • Evaluation test to determine your starting level
  • Synchronous, dynamic and immersive classes
  • Personalized approach for effective learning
  • Interactive activities in each class
  • Groups with your same domain level
  • Program specifically designed for work environments

By joining us, you will be able to:

  • Build a solid foundation for your learning
  • Learn to communicate with confidence
  • Master all language skills: oral, written, reading and listening comprehension

Sublevel Investment: ₡184,200 (Amazon covers 95%)
Frequency: One 3-hour synchronous class per week
Duration of sublevels: 3 months

*Openings subject to a minimum number of students per group


Embark on a transformative journey with our workshops designed to improve your English proficiency. Ideal for honing your language skills.

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Our workshops were created for those who already have English knowledge but need to improve specific skills. With short programs and an immersive approach you’ll gain the confidence to navigate real-life scenarios effortlessly.

What we offer:

  • Evaluation test to determine your starting level
  • Short synchronous, participative and dynamic sessions
  • Specialized and targeted teaching approach
  • Current and relevant content

At the end of the workshop, you will be able to:

  • Speak with confidence and precision
  • Manage and direct conversations
  • Navigate through tenses with the fluency of a native speaker
  • Improve your fluency when speaking
  • Develop critical listening skills
Available Workshops
  • Master Pronunciation and Reduce Your Accent

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A workshop focused on perfecting your pronunciation through accent reduction techniques that will teach you how to:

  • Speak with a North American accent that resembles that of a native speaker
  • Eliminate errors derived from accent and pronunciation
  • Apply effective strategies to avoid misunderstandings in communication
  • Improve spoken English intonation
  • Develop critical listening skills to perfect your pronunciation
  • Navigate North American Communication

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An exciting North American intercultural communication workshop, designed to unlock the keys to effective communication between people from diverse cultures where you will learn to:

  • Achieve genuine empathy towards your internal and external customers
  • Skillfully manage the flow of conversations
  • Use positive language that reinforces connections
  • Understand key cultural differences when interacting with North American customers.
  • Expand your repertoire of strategies to succeed in all your interactions
  • Master Advanced Grammar and Conversation

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The workshop that will awaken your passion for the English language and take your skills to the next level where we will teach you how to:

  • Master vocabulary and advanced grammatical structures
  • Communicate accurately
  • Manage and direct conversations in formal or informal settings
  • Navigate tenses naturally
  • Improve your fluency

Investment per student per workshop: ₡134,700 (Amazon covers 95%)
Workshop frequency: Once a week, 3-hour classes.
Workshop duration: 8 weeks.

*Openings subject to a minimum number of students per group
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Benefits of our Programs

Programs aimed at real work scenarios

Online resources available 24/7.
Certified native instructors

Agile online platform

BELT evaluation to measure your English level
No need for additional investment in materials
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