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Corporate Social Responsibility

A core corporate value of Idioma Internacional is to contribute to the advancement of the Costa Rican society. For that reason, we develop and support social, environmental, and educational responsibility programs in order to promote a better quality of life in the communities where we work and live.

We have created a work team committed to developing strategies aimed at social responsibility. Our collaborators volunteer for activities that strive for social and environmental benefits. Some of the most noteworthy activities include:


For several years, our organization has been collecting and classifying recyclable material in an effort to reduce waste.

Since 2009, we have been involved in various collaborative projects to make our environment a cleaner place. Through our partnership with INA, we helped clean a large part of the Guayabo sector that is located on the way to Jacó. We also participate regularly in nationwide waste collection initiatives.

Social Assistance

As part of our social awareness campaign, we continue to support underprivileged people in different regions of the country by donating furniture, clothes, food, and household items, among other items.

Likewise, we have recently joined efforts with the Maria Auxiliadora convent, located near our offices, where we have collaborated with clothes, food, and school supplies.

Supporting Education

Supporting Trade Schools: We are the leading language service provider in the Tools for Success Plus Project managed by CINDE. A group of multinational companies sponsor trade school students in the Greater Metropolitan Area so they can attend a 16-month English program.

“Idioma Impact” Initiative: At Idioma Internacional we seek to support young talent, helping them to gain an effective command of a second language to create new opportunities for them both professionally and personally.

Every year Idioma Internacional reviews candidates and selects one young person to receive a scholarship.

In 2014 the scholarship was awarded to Brandon Segura who took part in the world fair, Intel ISEF 2013, with the successful "Atraumatic Bed" project.

Conversation Clubs: Our free clubs open to the public encourage people to practice and improve their English skills.

Their main objective is to motivate the public to speak English and to promote a cultural and language exchange with native speakers from the U.S., Canada, and Great Britain, among other countries.

Idioma Extra: Receiving thousands of hits a day, our newsletter uses simple technology to promote free English learning through interactive and entertaining publications.


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